Ok, so new look on my blog. I miss my old one; I’m not a fan of change, but I’m sure I’ll grow to like this one as much. Because of the change, my archived entries are not available currently, but should be soon – Casey 😉 . But the best news of all is that my blog is now commentable, so please, feel free. All those accolades you’ve had stored up in response to my written genius now have a home!
In a bold possibly self-destructive move I’ve submitted six poems to The Atlantic Monthly. I’m confident I’m out of my league, but I figured I’d start at the top and work down.
So my town, Vandergrift, has a Councilman in Charge of Recreation. Little town, Big title. Anyway, I wrote him a letter, and – wonders may never cease – he actually called me to discuss the changes he’s instituting as a result of my letter. So now, Vandergrift’s playgrounds will be open every day of the week from around March through November (except in cases of extreme cold). This is incredible because the parks in town have been closed on Sundays for like 30 years or something outrageous! Thank you Mr. Carricato!
Also, I’ve learned to knit and I like it a lot. Now I just need some knitting needles and to learn how to read the patterns so I can actually make something – I’m thinking mittens…or socks, I like socks.
Evelina has started ballet and tap class and Casey is now in gymnastics. They love it. Evelina wants to wear her tap shoes everywhere. David is just adorable. He’s running and he instigates variations of hide-and-seek games so he can laugh at himself. Currently he’s grooming himself with play dough scissors.
Life is moving along at break-neck. I don’t try and keep up. Haven’t bought one Christmas gift yet. Tried baking cookies, and that was a flop. But I think it’s the fault of the “help” I employed. From now on, I bake solo.
We’re going to Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC) now. We love it. The kids are still adjusting, but it’s a great place. Tons of activities and ministries. You can volunteer for anything, and chances are, they’ll take you – that’s new for me. I’m excited to get involved in something.

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