‘Tis the Season

“Faith is believing in something even when common sense tells you not to.”
Watching Miracle on 34th Street – old Christmas movies are the best.
“Tell me Tommy, why are you so sure there’s a Santa Claus?”
“Because my daddy told me so. Isn’t that right daddy?”
“Your daddy’s a very honest man?”
“Course he is.”
“And you believe your daddy, don’t you?”
“Course I do. My daddy wouldn’t tell me something that wasn’t so, would you daddy?”
This year I’m doing a totally old-fashioned Christmas. I’m trying as much as possible to make gifts for people (don’t worry, I won’t give you anything cheesy or lame). I’m going to bake all the goodies we sing about in all our favorite carols – figgy pudding, sugar plums, roasted chestnuts – I can’t think of any more than that right now. If you remember any of the classic Christmas delights, let me know. Aha! Turkish delight. I tried it last year, but was not very successful. I’ll work on it again.
I’m going to tell the Nativity story to my kids and read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to them.
We’re going to ooze Christmas cheer. Mmmm the smell of the pine tree and candy canes! I love it! Spiked eggnog and cookies!

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