Oh Well…Try Again Next Year

Ok, so I didn’t manage to pull off the roasted chestnuts or the wassail or whatever the hell else I thought – oh, the figgy pudding; that was a bad turn of fate, I think. Evidently, I walked out of the grocery store without my bread crumbs. I purchased them, but I guess they ran off. By the time I realized the escape, it was much too late to make some at home; figgy pudding takes at least three hours to cook. But we did have rum balls, barely. Dad swigged most of the rum and enjoyed White Christmas and the wrapping and baking antics of the rest of us a little too much. I’m making figgy pudding in spite of the holiday being over. I have the bread crumbs now and I am not a slave to the calendar, speaking of which, I’ll be mailing out my Lazy Christmas Cards after the New Year.
So, oh well. There’s always next year to fill in the missing parts of my Traditional Christmas. And next year, I think we’ll go a-wassailing and then come home and drink some wassail and eat our figgy pudding. It’ll be great!

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