Mathematical Wordage

Despite evidence to the contrary all over my house, it seems I’ve been relatively productive lately.
I’ve submitted manuscripts to three magazines, (rejected by two, no response yet from the third), crocheted a set of legwarmers twice, and I’m working on a knit pair next.
Also, I’ve submitted an entry into a literary contest. The theme is Less is More, focusing on micro-fiction, micro-poetry, and micro-photography. So fiction has to be 100 words or less, photos have to be taken using a camera phone or a PDA phone. Poetry is to follow the rules of the Fib. A Fib is a 20 syllable poem broken up over six lines and the line sequence follows Fibonacci’s numbers. The breakdown of syllables looks like this 1,1,2,3,5,8. Anyway, I submitted two Fibs. The winner in each category gets $75, so that’s cool. Casey submitted a photo from his phone. We don’t find out until Feb. 20.
Here are two of the practice Fibs I wrote:
blow, cough
my head aches
and my throat tickles
cold season is miserable
Beer Baby
baby sees
baby swipes bottle
Mommy should put her stuff away

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