Days of Our Preschool Lives

Evelina is part of a love/hate triangle at preschool, and I can’t even make that combination of words compute in my head.
So here’s the breakdown: At some point, Evelina and Collin “decided” to get married. I guess Collin was too excited at the prospect because he told Kristen about the marriage plans and “she spread it around to everyone” even though Evelina and Collin had decided to keep it to themselves. Then Nick U. told Evelina that he hates her because she’s marrying Collin.
(I just received updated details informing me that Nick and Collin are “half-friends” because Collin likes to play with Evelina more than he likes to play with Nick.)
Ok, so then Collin made a picture of a sad face to remind Nick that Evelina was sad about the whole thing and Nick wrote “I’m sorry” on the back of it. But evidently Evelina still feels that he hates her and doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore.
Evelina’s response to me: “I just want the whole thing to be over with…you can be friends with more than one person.”
She’s so melodramatic; when she came home she was worried to talk to me about it because she didn’t want to “break their confidences.” And she flung herself down on the couch and said, “I can’t believe I have to say this.”
I tried gently to remind her that she wouldn’t be getting married until she was older and she responded defensively, “But Collin’s SIX!”
We decided that our first course of action was to make Nick U. a card that says something like, “Dear Nick, I like playing with you. I hope we can still be friends. Love, Evelina.” The card is being accompanied by a piece of candy. I hope that in the world of 5-year-olds, candy and a card is letting someone off easy.
Next time on As the Merry-Go-Round Turns: Will Nick U. accept Evelina’s offer of friendship, or will he demand more? And how much longer can Evelina tolerate Collin’s loose-lip ways?

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