Nepotism: the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. ORIGIN: mid 17th-century from Italian nepotismo from nipote “nephew” (with reference to privileges bestowed on the “nephews” of popes, who were in many cases their illigitimate sons).
Ok, so it’s favoratism of friends and/or family. I’ve observed a lot of nepotism in my life, and I have to be honest, it gives me a sour taste. I know we can all sit around and idealistically spout that we are fair and just individuals who value impartiality and think only the most qualified person should get the job, but that’s not where we live in reality.
On a daily basis I have lived and worked with people who were lousy at their jobs and in their positions of assumed authority with their bloodline (or peripheral association with a certain bloodline) as the only thing keeping their paycheck secure. And I hated it. Often I felt like I or someone else could do the job better, more efficiently, more creatively, with less overhead and fewer mistakes, and produce a higher quality end product. So I don’t understand why it’s often the case that people’s vision and logic is so terribly warped when it comes to friends and family members. Liking a person does not qualify him or her for anything other than the possibility of sharing a tub of ice cream with you, providing you both like the same kind and are reasonably good at sharing. (But even in that there are particular qualifications.)
I recently heard a person say that “right or wrong” he would defend his dad’s position in the face of any controversy, or, more accurately, in the face of any conversation or difficult situation that was against his dad, even if he was in the wrong. What does that say about people when they are willing to shun what’s right and true and instead stand up for the wrong and the lies because they come part and parcel with a family member? I just don’t understand.
Certainly we all exhibit nepotisistic tendencies now and then, like when I drop my kids off at preschool and I KNOW they are the cutest, or when we’re in a restaurant and some teeny ankle biting screamer is making everyone wish they’d ordered in and I smile proudly at my three angelic ketchup-crusted faces – but that’s different! Why? You ask. Because it’s internal nepotism. No one knows you’re actually thinking those things, so you can get away with it. Plus, it’s not like you ever act on any of it.
Point is, I can’t deal with it. I wish everyone would take off their familial lenses and see the world as it is, not how it would be if their family ruled it.

3 thoughts on “Nepotism

  1. Nepotism…yes nepotism and I have been acquainted as well. It sits on a ledge of life’s cruelties alongside “unfair pay,” “unfair working conditions,” “disrespect,” “verbal abuse,” “physical abuse,” “gossip” etc. I’ve taken each of those burdens down and carried them at some point in my life. Each time that I’ve managed to shrug them off I’ve noticed that they’ve left a residue called “bitterness.” But, fortunately for me, I heard a wise man preach one day “As a Christian you are neither a victim nor a martyr.” I’ve never forgotten that. With Christ alive inside of you how can you ever be a victim? And, if you were a martyr, you’d be dead.
    So, quite simply said, your life is what you make of it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t like your pay, find another job. If you don’t have money, quit spending it on frivolous things. If you aren’t happy, reexamine your walk with Christ. If you’re lonely, take a step out and make a friend. And if you choose not to, well then it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Your life is a result of the choices that YOU’VE made, not because of what someone’s done to you. It all boils down to accountability. Some day when you stand before God you aren’t going to be able to say….well I would have but…or it was his fault that I didn’t….or the devil made me do it.
    Each day you have to make a choice, who will you serve? Your flesh or the Lord. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.


  2. Ok, but again, that’s different! It’s not like we’re robbing someone else of the chance to be in business simply because we’re friends.
    Almost-neighbor is way better than online friend. Because seriously, we have barely graduated to the phone!


  3. A new word!
    People are really blind when it comes to that sometimes…I mean, I wouldn’t go into business with you and your mom…
    I can’t wait until we’re almost-neighbors!


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