Clichés: “No Good Deed…”

I hate clichés, but it seems they are fond of weaseling into my perspective lately. (Reference: previous post “Life-long Victims.”)
“No good deed goes unpunished.” If you’ve ever done anything extraodinary for other people, you’ll understand what I mean. Rarely is the deed appreciated, and even if it is, it becomes a presumption held by the recipient of said good deed. Then if you never rise to that standard again, you’re the jerk.
When it’s not appreciated, it’s ignored, left unrecognized as though it was never done in the first place. And that is discouraging. It leaves a person feeling like there’s no goodness or hope left for humanity. If we can’t even be grateful toward one another for a good turn, how are we to go on and thrive in an ever increasingly degenerating world? It makes me ask myself, “What’s the point? Why try?”
When it’s not ignored, it’s taken as a due, something rightfully owed by the good-deed-doer. I think that’s worse than all the others because of the requisite conceit to arrive at such a mentality.
The worst part for me here is that this isn’t hypothetical; I know people like this, and it makes me want to renege on any good deeds I might have done, just out of spite.
(I will allow you to taste the delicious irony of it all: Clearly I’m a glutton for punishment because in the midst of writing this I’m seeking out contact info for a family in my town whose house burned down over the weekend so that I may offer them my children’s superfluous clothes and toys since they have two sons near the ages of mine. The good news is that I don’t know them, and people you don’t know tend to be more grateful than those you do know. And that’s just another slice of the ironic pie.)

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