General Preschool

* Today on As the Merry-Go-Round Turns:
As of Friday, Nick hates Evelina even more vehemently than on Monday. He let her know that he thought the marshmallow heart she gave him to make up was gross. And she’s sad that “the more and more he hates me, the more he’s friends with Dalton.” The poor girl is ready to throw in the towel, “It’s no use. It’s never gonna happen. We can try – me and Collin can try to get back together with Nick, but I don’t know.” I told her it sounded to me like Nick was just trying to be mean, to which she replied, “I think you’re right, Mommy. I can ask him.”
We’ll see how that plays out next week.
* See post Days of Our Preschool Lives for the full story.

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