Here we are. New house. Mountains of boxes. Can’t find the tweezers.
A run to the local grocery store is like a day trip to an amusment park. Banksville Road sucks out my soul thrice weekly and delivers it up soggy and wrung out for another go round on Monday. I think Mt. Lebanon sits on the cul de sac of the South Hills of Pittsburgh – one way in; one way out.
The house and I are still in the courting phase; it might be awhile before we take it to the next level. It’ll probably be longer before I quit saying “home” about Vandergrift and apply it to Mt. Lebanon instead.
The kids got to play outside in the fenced-in back yard today. And I didn’t have to stay out there with them. They played by themselves, and they were fine. In the fenced-in back yard, all by themselves. I stayed inside, by myself. Without the kids. It was cool.
So far, it’s pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Moved

  1. Vander what? I’m so over Vandergrift. I hope you come around. 🙂
    As for the house, we’re on a first name basis but things are still sketchy. Today I crushed my skull bounding up to the attic excitedly. I hope the house doesn’t hit me again.


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