Skin Deep

The outside trumps the inside right now. But only thanks to the mountains of boxes inside and the ever elusive tweezers. Beneath that veneer of clutter and disorganization, inner radiance is bound to peak through.
Check out Casey’s photos of flowers from our front yard.
Even still, favorite things about the house so far:
1. Windows open, stay open, and are screened for bug deterrence. This is new and beautiful as we have had less than harmonious relationships with our windows in the past.
2. Everything about the outside, including off-street parking.
3. When we close the house, it’s actually closed and the wind doesn’t sneak in around every crack and cockeyed window frame – because there aren’t any. In short, I’m adjusting to not living in a wind tunnel.
4. We have a compost pile. We don’t get municipality citations about it.
5. The toilet does its job without coaxing, bribes, or regular beatings.
6. I don’t have to crouch in the shower because it knows its place.
Those are just the love at first sight traits. I’m sure deeper, more meaningful connections will ensue.

2 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. wow, casey, your photos are amazing. i can’t believe i ever called myself an amateur photographer. your pictures are a million times better than anything i’ve done. i might have to use some of your pictures for subjects if i ever start doing pastels again.
    chastity…tell casey to read this. i didn’t want to take the time to create an account on flickr so i could comment there.


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