Gluttons for Punishment or How I Live to Piss You Off

“I’m discusted by you. I dislike your wife. This abhorrent poetry and these redundant comments are becoming tire-some. I’m fed up.”
(All spelling and grammatical errors are property of the quoted parties.)
Ok, seriously. Who is obsessed now? Who keeps coming back for more? Looks to me like if you hated it all that much, you wouldn’t come back every day to read more. Come on, hit refresh! I dare you. At least have the guts to comment and let everybody read just how nasty you are. I say my piece and publish it to the world, and the world can choose to read it or ignore it. Your whining and pathetic comments reach only as far as your self-serving circle of co-dependent lemmings.
And let me spell it out for you just in case you weren’t sure. This post IS about you 😉
Go on, get mad. Post some inane away message on instant messager and let it all out. It’s such an effective tactic. So well-thought and clever. Bravo. Boy you really set my heart a-racing with each new literary dig you conjure up. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back; you deserve it.
But I guess I can’t really blame you, you’re only following the example you’ve been given. And oh what a precious and spotless one it is. One so much above reproach – how dare I stand in opposition to the “pastor” who said this?
“You use other people’s lives to cover up The lies in your own so you don’t have to take accountability for your actions, your free to bash, trash, and hurt whom ever you wish because everyone crapped on you, you’re the only one with a sincere case here. You did nothing, you sat back like a coward in silence. You use everyone for the landfill of your soul and then you act like you are the victim why you sat back and judged what you thought you know, oh I forgot we do know what each other is going through. What a joke, your void of reality, truth, and relationships and of course that is everyone else’s doing while you have sat on the throne of pomposity and arrogance, raising your scepter of acceptance or rejection, the very thing you claim you hate you have become, but after all you’re the smart one and everyone else. Is not you.”
Wow. And you bless your God with that same mouth. How holy and pious you all are. I bow to your consecrated betterness.

3 thoughts on “Gluttons for Punishment or How I Live to Piss You Off

  1. My only comment on this issue is if the comments quoted above have been placed on a public site for all to see the quoted should have no problem with having their names posted with said quotes. You do not want to risk being attack for plagiarism at a later date [sic]
    Also, in reference to prior emails ….If it walk like a duck, and quacks like a duck…………


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