No Exit.

There is simply no proper or honorable way to leave. Period. To leave is to fail, to die, to be defeated by evil. To leave is to invite divine retribution.
A corollary to the “No Exit” rule is the demonization of those who leave:
They are angry or in a season of anger.
They are evil, weak, selfish, and foolish.
They are lost.
They are wandering in darkness, unable to see.
They are deserters throwing away what God has given them.
They are Enemies of the Cross.
They have chosen Evil over Goodness.
They are the mouthpiece of the Enemy attacking the righteous.
They are listening to the Enemy accuse the brethren.
They are only 30-fold and don’t know any better.
They weren’t really trying.
They didn’t follow the procedures correctly.
They were unable to resist the temptation to sin.
They hid and didn’t follow council.
They couldn’t sever their unholy alliances and have been misled.
They couldn’t be honest.
They could never fully fellowship with the brethren.
We are much better off without their bad influences.
They changed.
Most of the above is Copyright © 2007, A. Orange.
I will supply the link if asked.

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