Hairy Scary

Getting a hair cut is always a crap shoot. Even when you have the same stylist time after time. There’s no guarantee she will cut the same hairs exactly the same way or the same length she did the last time when you loved it. There’s a very real chance you will hate it this time, or at least you won’t love it which translates easily over 24 hours into hating it.
Getting a hair cut in a new town, in an unknown salon, by a stranger is not a crap shoot; it’s ulcer-inducing and doomed to failure. Really, what is so difficult about cutting bangs in such a way that I don’t look like I have a shelf on my forehead? It’s the stylist’s job to make me look better than I did when I arrived. And to be fair, my hair was washed when I left, whereas it had been stuffed under a hat all day when I arrived. Clean is good; Bangs shelf bad.

3 thoughts on “Hairy Scary

  1. I had a good haircut today (I think…with all of the product they put in it you never can tell at first) and I’m telling you, go to my stylist. She used the fancy scissors!
    And they don’t look that bad. It’s summer, they’ll grow fast and you can go in and get them fixed.


  2. I feel your pain on haircuts. I too am the same way. I like change in a lot of things but not with a stylist. I had one girl that I went to faithfully until she moved to Hawaii. I was devastated when she said she was moving. It took me a long time before I actually found someone that I like. I mean years. Sometimes, a good stylist is hard to come by.


  3. not sure what you mean by bangs shelf….what did she do? Im sure it looks fine…but the one good thing is hair does grow back.


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