No Day Left Unclaimed

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and – get a load of this – Cyber Security Awareness Month. I’m sure there’s much more to be aware of this month, like the desertion of fall (though maybe that’s not as important to some people as the other Awarenesses).
If you discover any other Awarenesses that we should all be aware of this month, please leave it in a comment to make me aware of its thereness.

7 thoughts on “No Day Left Unclaimed

  1. today is national mole day. i forgot to tell you that when we were on the phone. yeah. this nurse i work with, her daughter, a senior in high school, went to school today dressed as a mole and she made her boyfriend dress up too. meanwhile, it’s not “national mole the furry animal day” but the day that a measurement for atoms was discovered….something like that. a mole is a math/science/physics thing, i’m not quite sure what. i just remember it from high school. but yeah. a senior in high school dressing up as a mole and bringing in cup cakes. what is the world coming to?


  2. New one for you….Just got back from a Mercy Me concert and the Mayor of Roanoke officially declared Oct 11th Mercy Me Day!!


  3. Also national birthday month………just kidding….happy almost birthday!!
    Since we share the same week. Kelcy’s is the 17th


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