Misc. Bits

So I don’t know what to make of the anonymous comment on my Pumpkin entry. Yes, I have a thing about anonymous comments – I usually ignore them and don’t post them. But this one just intrigued me, probably because I just don’t understand what it’s getting at.
I went ahead and posted it, but this is not the beginning of a trend of permitting anonymous comments. Perhaps “Anonymous” didn’t intend on being so; sometimes it’s easy to forget to enter your info, in which case go ahead and let me know who you are. Either way, “Anonymous” says: “The great pumpkin *is* just as controversial as religion and politics after all.”
Thoughts, anyone? Leave ’em in the comments.
In totally unrelated news, I’ve settled on the two classes that will launch my matriculation with Pitt. The Uses of Literacy and Observational Astronomy satisfy general education courses for writing and natural sciences respectively. They also satisfy personal scheduling criteria. It seems all I have left to do is meet with an advisor and then formally register for the classes. Then I wait. Until January.
Tonight was Open House for Evelina’s school. It rained. There were too many people and umbrellas. Kindergarten is awesome and I wish that’s what I was starting.
I have three rounds left to knit on the neck of my first sweater and I’d be finished. But it sits in the basket on the other side of the table where it can’t look at me with reproach and longing. Poor undone sweater! This always happens to me. I get to the final stages of a project and for some reason I can’t muster enough interest to plod through and complete it. Currently I have two nearly done garments in my basket. One is the aforementioned knitted sweater; the other is a lovely mohair crochet bolero. They are getting angrier. Today I had to zip closed the bag they live in just to hide their mockery. Pretty soon, I’ll pick up something new and further the fibrous adultery. (I didn’t make up the adultery bit, though I do think it’s funny.)
Ok. Bible Study tomorrow and I am, as usual, unprepared.

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