Halloween was fun. We sailed again this year. Pictures will come as soon as I acquire them from people who remembered to use their cameras.
I think the overall lighting and atmosphere was better than last year; we had greater success with the fog, but dry ice continues to present difficulties. Our smallish living room converts nicely into a den of opulence. No doubt it was fun and people were impressed, but the turnout was meager in comparison to last year. I think there are several contributing factors, including: Mt. Lebanon did its Halloween parade several days before trick-or-treating, which doesn’t make sense. Last year, our clan of Pirates commandeered the Halloween parade then led the masses to our treasure. Also, we had more of our props up earlier last year which I think generated more interest leading up to Halloween. Finally, the festivities in Vandergrift are scheduled between 6 and 9 pm, whereas in Mt. Lebanon, everything cuts off an hour earlier. I think the consensus is to do the pirate ship at least one more year, then who knows? We’ve talked about Hogwarts, a Cinderella ball, the Wild West, and everything in between. But then, I’m really not sure I want to abandon ship; it can only get better each year with new ideas, more props, and more people. There’s even talk of a battle between us and The Spanish Main across the street. Anything’s possible.
A good time was had by all, if good times can be measured in empty candy wrappers. Sugar, carmel, nuggat, and Red 41 ingestion was at an astonishing high – and so were the children for several hours. However, I can decidedly declare that success manifests itself when two-thirds of the tiny pirates put themselves to bed upon the sugar high’s expected desertion. That was the best part of the whole day.
The worst part of the whole day came when I discovered that some of our visitors took more than the candy we offered. I draped the whole room in costume jewelry to give the effect of drunken jeweled revelry. In my naiveté and basic trust in people, I never expexted anyone to mistake my props as a personal gift. Alas, I was robbed. I believe there was only one bracelet stolen, nevertheless it was a beautiful one and it was mine. And someone else took it right off my table. I am disgusted and disappointed by it. It’s an arrogant entitlement attitude that leads people to believe they are deserving of other people’s things. It’s wrong and incenses me to become an activist of some kind.
The dining room table and couch are back in their rightful homes, but evidence of Piratey Things lingers all over the inside and outside of the house. I can but hope that life on land resumes some semblance of regularity and order once all the nautical piratical bits are stowed safely below deck – read: under the back porch.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Glad to hear it went well…except for the bracelet walking away. Just and idea, but if you do something like that again next year maybe you can get some of the gold foil chocolate coins for the treasure and then you can let some of the kids have it towards the end of the night. Jonathan’s surgery is Tuesday. I will update everyone as I get a chance.


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