Today I’m filing disputes with the bank over several transactions on my account that are not mine but were made with my debit card number – not the actual card because I have that in my possession. The worst was a $3000 charge to Apple Online. It nearly seems plausible since we buy Apple products, but it still wasn’t me.
I have evidently been the victim of identity theft and am now leery of making purchases online thanks to the condescending redundancy of the customer service prick at the bank. I may never get a good deal on a textbook again if my only option is face-to-face purchases at the university book center. Alas, that perceived good deal online might not be so good if several months later I’m being relieved of three grand by some scam artist who stole my credit card number.
In unrelated news, today the mail brought a Playboy clothing (and other naughty products) catalog to my house. It’s apparently considered non-offensive since it wasn’t shrink-wrapped and hiding in brown paper, but I still don’t want my kids accidently flipping through it since there is a page displaying all the covers of the other magazines Playboy has for sale which are definitely inappropriate for, well, just about anyone. Even the thumbnail pictures of the covers were shocking.
I was curious whether this was one of those mass mailings simply addressed to “Resident” and then my address because that seemed the only reasonable explanation why I would get something like this. Of course I laughed when I flipped it over and discovered it’s addressed to my brother-in-law.
EDITED: And it’s freaking snowing – big fluffy flakes sticking to the yard again. WTF?

2 thoughts on “Incongruities

  1. Sorry about that. I got Jen a onesie from there for x-mas. I guess they decided that I would want a magazine sent to my house. Of course the post office still doesn’t have things figured out and it went to you. I’ll see what I can do about taking my name off of the mailing list as I really don’t care for those and like you said, I don’t want anything like that getting in the wrong hands. Again, sorry for that.


  2. ROflMAO about the “mailing”.
    Must be a bad week for banks.
    We had a water issue in the basement here the day before we left for Vegas….moving everything put me in the ER that night(at least they we nice enough to give me enough pain meds to make the plane trip) We had 2 guys trying to get the clog for a few hours and thinking they might have to backhoe our yard to fix the problem (wee) In all of that I ended up forgetting to put in the check book the money we pulled out for the trip. As expected they let the largest charge go through first to get the most fees. The bank that we have is normally wonderful with understanding stupid errors was no help at all. Thankfully Jonathan was getting paid the next day so just more annoying than anything. Now I’m sitting here waiting for the plummer guys to come re-snake the drain in the basement again. It started backing up again yesterday. The good news is the trip was really fun and I am starting to work from home for U-HAUL on their support line. (giving me a good reason to get a new laptop….Jonathan keeps trying to steal it) Hope you get your bank issues fixed. You might have had your card skimmed at a restaurant?? Just a thought. Might be a good idea to get a regular credit card for online purchases(paying in full monthly) Just a little more protection and at least the money isn’t coming out of your checking account if someone does get the number. Oh the conference that we went to last week will be held in San Diego in 09. :o)


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