Today was the first time I have not been carded at a liquor store. There are times that I have not been carded at a restaurant, but they are rare.
I’m conflicted. Do I feel relieved because now perhaps I don’t resemble an unwed teenage mother; maybe the old ladies won’t look askance as I shlep along my three yard-apes.
But. I like the idea of looking younger than I am. Because I am vain and in college as an adult student and I really don’t want to be looked at like that. You know what I mean. You all looked like that at the few adult students when you were in college.
I just want to blend in. Sometimes.

One thought on “Aging

  1. A year or two ago, I got carded for something at a convenience store: buying cigs for my mom, or lottery tix I was cashing in (Chris won this drawing at CoGo’s for 100 tickets…) I can’t remember. But I exploded with glee, backing up the line gushing about how it was so great to be carded, how I was actually 35, or however old I was at the time, flashing my id. The clerk’s reaction was understated, and he popped my bubble when he assured me it was just some sort of policy he was following; not, he implied, that I looked so young. Whipper snapper!


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