The Work-a-day, Uninspired, Underwhelming, and Just Plain Dull

I wish the presidential candidates and all the media would come up with another way of referencing those of us watching them and eventually voting for them. I’m getting tired of being “an ordinary everyday average American.” Despite the painful redundancies in that and despite our household income positioning us in middle class -presumably the voter demographic to which they are trying to appeal – the fact is, I’m not ordinary or average.
These are derogatory epithets most of us spend our entire childhood (and some of our adulthood) trying to overcome. Who among us wanted to grow up being just another guy on the team? That’s ridiculous! We wanted to be the best, the fastest, the most catchingest…whatever. Everything I’ve ever done I’ve wanted to be the ‘est of it. Sure some of us grow out of the desire to shine, but you can’t deny all that time in high school spent trying to be the coolest, the prettiest, the smartest, the toughest, the aloofest, the funniest, the cheerleaderest, the band geekiest, the quirkiest, the footballerest: It was a mad dash to get to the ‘est first.
Nobody strives for ordinary or average. Let’s think of the synonyms here: undistinguished, lackluster, indifferent, forgettable, second-rate, humdrum, mundane, pedestrian, bland, hackneyed. Hmm.
On one hand, I understand why the Senators do this. They certainly know that we are not them, regarding social rank, income, or power, and they know that we know this too. It’s all part of their “straight-talk,” talking straight to us about who and what we are, and somehow they are endeared to us as a result. But on the other hand, it’s just another line of segregation – them and us, rich people and struggling folk, above-average and average. And I just don’t like the implication that average is beneath some people, most specifically the people representing me. I feel like I’m being insulted every time one of them says it. And it’s only worse when the media starts parroting that language; I’d guess that aside from the truly highly paid ones, like Katie Couric, most of them fall within middle class as well – because I have to assume that when “ordinary everyday average Americans” are mentioned it pertains mainly to economic standing – and are only validating and propagating the condescension.
When they are talking to and about voters, why can’t we simply be, “the American people”? Why must they qualify and quantify us? Because Senator Obama’s vote, Senator McCain’s vote, and my vote will not be categorized into an average pile and an above average pile.

2 thoughts on “The Work-a-day, Uninspired, Underwhelming, and Just Plain Dull

  1. Just wanted to let you know we will be up thanksgiving weekend.
    just staying a few days and picking up Savannah (she’s spending the week with us) but maybe we can stop by with her before we head back here. Let us know what your plans are that weekend. Miss ya. 😀


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