I have a dear friend who cried to me on the phone today saying, “I just wish that there could be one day when everyone else would quit praying long enough that God would have time to answer mine.” It might be easy to condemn that attitude as selfish, but coming from her it’s not at all. She figures that the rest of the world’s prayers must be more pressing and emergent than her own so God has to deal with those first. She is patient and has been waiting for years for the upswing of her life.
It’s impossible to express my anger over her situation. Consider the following:
-Mother at age 16.
-Little high school education. No college.
-Four children now, ages 12-2.
-One meager household income to sustain six people. No health insurance.
-Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis though suffering the symptoms for three years.
-Hysterectomy this summer. (at age 28)
-Recent death of granddad.
-Uncle suffering with cancer.
-Recently diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in neck and back.
-Suffering constant pain without aid of pain meds.
-Preparing to sell belongings to pay for rent and electricity.
-Her mother diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Received mastectomy this week. Discharged from hospital day after surgery. Who will take care of her?
-She’s 28 and can take her kids trick-or-treating this weekend only with the aid of a walker and will likely be in agony.
She lives in a teeny tiny town with churches around every bend, but God’s grace and abundance are absent. It’s a basically rural town where the cost of living is miniscule, yet she will have to pay medical bills for herself and rent and electricity and heat and (hopefully) food and there will be nothing left. One child needs glasses and Christmas will come dreadfully rather than joyfully.
I am disgusted that in such a wealthy country as the United States some people have to resort to hawking what they have to get enough money so their kids can continue to live in a house. An empty house and possibly a cold one.
Where are the supposed American opportunities for her? Where are the social services? Where is the church when the needy can’t even get there? Where is Jesus when a young woman withered by life’s punishing tide weeps daily for the burdens of her children and her own deficiencies as a mother?
How is faith a plausible option when the prayers degenerate over time from:
“Please Lord, help me be a good mother.” to
“Please Lord, provide for this illness so I can play with my kids.” to
“Please Lord, help my kids know I love them since I can’t do anything with them.” to
“Please Lord, I’d like to give the kids a decent Christmas.” to
“Please Lord, we need groceries this week.” to
“Please Lord, they’re about to turn off the heat.” to
“Please Lord, bring someone to buy my furniture so we can pay the rent.” to
“Please Lord, today? Can you hear me today?” to
“Are you even real?”
She’s not even asking for anything tangible or quantifiable anymore. She’s just asking for a day when everyone else is quiet so God can hear her. An audience with the Lord shouldn’t be so hard to come by.

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Not sure what area she is in. If in PA there are tons of services she may qualify for. She should be able to get disability and SSI. If she can get that then she would be able to get into many other programs. She can look into the free/low cost programs for gas and electric.
    With kids she should be able to get food stamps, financial assistance and government housing. Angel food ministries are everywhere in that area and they take food stamps. My parents have been getting orders from them just to keep there food bill lower.
    Anyone can order from angel food. The menus and churches in the area that have them are online. There is also the Clothing Swap in North Apollo every month with a free lunch and they have Christmas present items for free to choose from in December. Aldis and Sav a lot are wonderful to shop at and save money and also take food stamps. PA also has a lot of different insurance programs through the state (Savannah’s insurance was free and that included eyeglasses and dental) There are free and low cost adult programs also if you qualify. I would defiantly say that her getting on the PA state insurance program with the problems she has should be a major priority. We were both on it when we moved back to PA before Jon started working for West Penn. The one we were on is $40 a month per adult a month. No or very low co pays and it also covers prescriptions. She might be able to get into a completely free program. (that just happened to be the one we qualified for) This is just thinking quickly. I’m sure with some research i could find her other programs and ideas depending on where she lives and income/child support $ that she earns if any. With 4 kids she will be able to have a pretty high income level and still be able to qualify for most programs there. If she gets food stamps at all she can get food from all the food banks in the area.
    If she gets free/ low cost insurance thru the state my sister finally found a doctor at a pain clinic that she is very happy with. I also have degenerative arthritis in neck and back (just diagnosed this year in 2 MRI’s) and my pain doc is a god send. You stated that there were 6 in the family but did not mention the husband at all. Praying that he is helping her through all of this. She is really going to need all the support she can get in any form. Do not know what her husband does for work. Do have some contacts with the hospitals in the area there and could be able to find him a better paying job. Just depends on what he does. Cant promise anything but worth looking into. They have great med plans. Let me know if you or she needs any info on anything and I will get to working on it.


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