A Six-year-old’s Existentialism

Today Evelina has been wandering around the house moaning and whimpering. It is supremely annoying and mostly I ignore her. Then I walked into the living room and found her curled up in a blanket on a chair by the bookshelf. She was reading a space non-fiction book (cuz that’s how she rolls) and sporting a dripping wet wash cloth on the top of her head.
“What’s going on Evelina? You’re melting everywhere.”
In her most pathetic unintelligible groaning, “I feel like everything I’m doing is in a dream.”
“Nothing is real. Ever since I was four I feel like everything I’m doing is in a dream. I even splashed water on my face.”
“That explains your melting everywhere. Why is there a sopping wet rag on your head?”
“Because I thought if I was dreaming it would wake me up. But I’m just wet.”
So I walked away to try and soothe the hateful knives behind my eyeballs and left Evelina to deal with her crisis since I was getting nowhere. In a little while she pulled herself together enough to dry off and put a hood over her head and cuddle with me on the couch.
Then she decided to work on the crochet scarf we started a few days ago. She’s learning chains and single crochets and doing a great job; she’s excited by the prospect that her friends at school will see her glorious pink creation and beg to know where it came from at which time she will exclaim that she herself formed and molded it with her very own precious hands and of course she’d be glad to crochet one for you too since she’s so gifted at scarf making; she’ll even let you pick the color.
She had crocheted several rows on her own with minimal intervention on my part when she made the declaration of the ages:
“I’m so glad I’m getting the hang of this. It makes me feel so alive!”
The lesson folks is that fiber arts will cure your existential crisis.

One thought on “A Six-year-old’s Existentialism

  1. I can’t believe you think that’s annoying. It’s fabulous. This entry is great. I think you should expand it into one of those articles for the end of Interweave Knits or something.


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